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Ground Search and Rescue:

All of our team members must be qualified to deploy and complete a training taskbook that proves skill and competency utilizing ASTM, NFPA, and FEMA standards for search and rescue.  They receive training in the following:

Swift Water Awareness

Collapsed Structure Awareness

Crime Scene Awareness

Hazardous Materials Awareness

Clue Awareness

Basic Physical Fitness for Search And Rescue Operations


Lost Person Behavior

Basic Radio Communications

Compass, GPS, and Navigation

Human tracking and sign cutting

CPR and First Aid or higher medical training

When completed, all team members are qualified to search wilderness, suburban, and urban areas on foot.  All team members are encouraged to participate in training and educational opportunities outside of regular team trainings.

K9 Search Teams:

Our K9 team members complete all of the above training for Ground Search and Rescue.  Once completed they train with their K9 in their chosen discipline; Human Remains (Land and/or Water), Tracking/Trailing, or Area Search.  All K9's are Canine Good Citizen Qualified and screened for drive, trainability, and temperament before they may enter specialized training.  They complete a K9 takskbook for their discipline which serves as a training log for the team.  K9 teams are also required to keep a regular training log of their K9's activities.  K9's may be tested with many different certifying agencies but any K9 certifying with an agency that lacks double blind standards will complete a double blind test with a team evaluator.  K9's will recertify per agency requirements and test internally by double blind standards yearly.  

Mounted Search Teams:

Our mounted team members complete the above training for Ground Search and Rescue.  Once complete, they and their mounts must complete a second taskbook specifically for mounted Search and Rescue.  All Equines must be evaluated for temperament and stability prior to beginning Search and Rescue training.  

Radio Communications:

We have members qualified as COML and COMT through the state of Texas.  Most of our members are also Amateur Radio Operator qualified.  All Radio Communications team members are Ground Search and Rescue Qualified.

Public Safety Dive Team:

Our Dive team members all all qualified as Public Safety Divers.  They are also required to complete the Ground Search And Rescue taskbook to ensure that they are well rounded and fully able to integrate with the team for Search Operations.  

 Search and Rescue K9 training
Search and Rescue K9 training
Search and Rescue K9 training
Search and Rescue K9 training
Search and Rescue K9 training
Search and Rescue training
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