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Our Mission

Raven Response Group is an all volunteer Search and Rescue organization that trains for and responds to missing person(s) cases at the request of Emergency Management and/or Law Enforcement agencies.  It is a small group with a long history of Search and Rescue experience; with members who responded and served both locally and nationally.  Members of the team are NIMS qualified and have extensive training in both State and Federal standards of Search And Rescue.  Our members must complete Incident Management Training and basic Search And Rescue classroom and field training before they are allowed to deploy.  Every member must be qualified for any and all position(s) that they serve.  Our goal is to be ready to serve.  Our mission is always to bring home the missing and the lost and keep everyone safe while doing so.

All of our team members must be qualified to deploy and complete a training taskbook that proves skill and competency utilizing ASTM, NFPA, and FEMA standards for search and rescue.  

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Raven Response Group is not a Law Enforcement agency or department; though we may serve at the request of a Law Enforcement Agency.  We do not conduct independent investigations and cannot deploy at the request of any family or private group without expressed permission of the Law Enforcement agency or Emergency Management Office handling the case.  If you wish to request service; please contact our Emergency Number and be sure to have your Agency information ready as we will need to document the request and to ensure you get the right resources for your incident.

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