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Compass Foundation

We were created from a need to fill a hardship with a passion.  Our mission is to create an organization that not only supports a single team of Search and Rescue volunteers; but also helps support others.

Get to Know Us

Hundreds of thousands of people go missing every year, according to FBI data. In 2020, more than 540,000 people went missing, including more than 340,000 juveniles, according to their records. Many of these cases go unsolved due to lack of resources. The Compass Foundation was set up to offer training opportunities and a network of trained volunteers to help.  We partnered with Raven Response Group to do just that.  The team utilizes current training standards and ensures each member is prepared to respond.  Its leadership also has years of networking with a variety of professionals in Emergency Management and Law Enforcement.  


There are thousands of people who volunteer their time and money to be able to respond to a variety of missing person incidents, from a missing child to a disaster victim.  Our partner is just one of those groups of volunteers.  Many work a "normal" job to support their volunteer abilities.  They stand at the ready and donate countless hours to train and be ready to respond when the call comes. They sacrifice holidays, birthdays, nights, and weekends all in the name of helping complete strangers.  They do so in the hopes that nobody ever needs to be abandoned in their time of need and because everyone deserves to come home.

The Compass Foundation seeks to help make the job a little easier for these volunteers.  We actively seek out opportunities to bring quality training programs and equipment to volunteers.  For those lacking in personnel and resources we support our own group of highly trained volunteers who are ready and willing to deploy as a single team or blend in to support any organization that may need them.

Our passion is to support the mission of Search and Rescue the best way we can.  We can do it through partnerships with other agencies involved in Search and Rescue and in doing so we can bring these agencies together for the best outcome.  We can do it through partnerships with local businesses to provide supplies or funding opportunities that promote their business as much as it promotes ours.  But our most important partnership is with the communities we help serve.  Even the smallest donation can work toward saving a life.  

Our donors are the quiet yet powerful force that keeps our organization.

They come from all walks of life and give generously according to their

means.  No matter the contribution, all of our donors make a difference

by supporting the work that we do. We love our donors not because of the

amount they give, but because they care to give.


Your support is invaluable, and we are grateful for your many contributions,

both direct financial and in-kind. Thank you from all of us to all of you.


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