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Got Questions?

Raven Response Group is a small, tight-knit group of volunteers.  Some of our members are scattered across the country; however, most are right here in North Texas.  

Don't have any experience in Search and Rescue?

No problem.  Our leadership team will help you get started and find a place for you to excel.

What role(s) can you play in Search and Rescue?

The answer is a lot or as little as you like.

Incident Command                      Technical Search And Rescue     

K9 Handler                                   Mounted Search And Rescue

K9 Flanker                                   General Team Support

Public Safety Diver                      Fundraising

Ground Search                            Medical Support 

Wilderness Search                      Boat Operator

Lost Person Behavior                  Tracking and Sign Cutting

Drone/Underwater Drone           Training decoy (play hide and seek)

Communications                          And so much more!

Crew Leader

How much time do I need to commit?

The answer is as much as you can.  We do require that you attend at least 50% of team meet ups.  These occur at least monthly and are generally known at least 30 days in advance.  Call outs are often short notice and participation is always encouraged but optional in accordance with people having lives. Most of our members live for the call and enjoy getting together to work on old skills, learn new skills, and potentially save a life.  Our trainings are fun and focus on all the skills needed to be a part of the team.  

Our K9 teams train more often and often separate from general group trainings.  Handlers typically spend up to 2 years training themselves and conditioning their 4-legged partners for certification and deployment. 

Our Equine teams also tend to train more often and separate from general group trainings.  Riders typically spend 1-2 years training and conditioning themselves and their horses for deployment.

Most of our general Ground Search and Rescue (Basic Level) team members can attend regular monthly meetings and get most of their training completed in the first year.  Our basic Search and Rescue responder training does include some online at home training.

What are the requirements to join?

You must be 18 to be a full member. Youth members may be permitted but must be 16 and have a parent or guardian grant permission.  Youth members are only permitted on a case-by-case basis. Youth members are not permitted to deploy to any call out no matter how qualified they are.

You must pass a criminal background check.  Any criminal history automatically disqualifies member eligibility. Members may be subject to a random yearly background check.  

You must be a U.S. Citizen or Legal Resident of the U.S.

All potential members will be interviewed prior to joining. New members must complete at least the basic level team task book in the first 2 years of membership and prior to being eligible for deployment.  (Credit will be given for documented experience)

What does it cost to join?

Unlike many volunteer teams out there, our members are not required to pay a membership fee. 

That said, members are expected to purchase their own uniform.  The team does have t-shirts produced and those may be ordered at various time during the year. Ball caps are also available. Standard uniform consists of

A dark grey t-shirt (short or long sleeve, dry-fit permitted) or tactical pullover.

Royal blue overshirt or jacket for thick brush is recommended

Khaki hiking or tactical pant

Black or brown hiking or tactical boot

Matching hat and belt is recommended (ball cap or other sun protection type, no floppy beach hats)

Rain gear and other weather appropriate clothing.

Camouflage is not permitted. 

Members must also purchase their own equipment if needed for their position.  This consists of a backpack for your gear, any K9 or equine equipment needed, and anything else needed to support you in your specialty.  The team has a limited supply of extra gear and most of our members prefer to use gear that they are comfortable using.  It is pretty much impossible to supply every different brand of gear to outfit every member of the team.  

Want to join but don't think you can commit the time or cost to get involved?

For most of us who volunteer, the time and expense of getting and staying ready is daunting.  You are not alone in trying to decide if Search and Rescue is for you.  It is like having a second unpaid job, but the rewards of finding and returning a person to their family makes it worthwhile.  The bonds and friendships made along the way make it worthwhile.  Most of all, the opportunity for personal growth and skill development makes it all worthwhile.  If you can't make the commitment right away, you are always welcome to join the team for a training when you can.  We can always use a person to simply "get lost". We can always use help fundraising and organizing team events as well.

How do I join?

To request to join the team, please send an email to our main office at  Please include an introduction to yourself or a brief Bio, a resume including any previous experience in Search and Rescue, and let us know the best way to contact you.  

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