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Partnering For a better tomorrow

In 2014, The Compass Foundation paired up with Raven Response Group to help fill a void in the response to lost and/or missing people.  So many go missing and are never found, their cases go cold, and departments just don't have the resources or personnel to continue to investigate these cases long term.  Lack of training and lack of personnel are the two key issues on table when it comes to Search and Rescue.  We seek to help with both of these problems.  Time is the enemy and the longer it takes to respond and organize a search the less likely of a good outcome for that search.  Time costs money and sometimes it costs even more.

If you would like to help, please consider donating to support our continued ability to send trained personnel and offer opportunities to continue to ensure those personnel; along with others can band together to respond to a missing person in need.  You just might help save a life.

Raven Response Group


On someone's worst day, there is a team of well trained responders who stand at ready to help.  Our founders envisioned a team of quiet volunteer professionals, who can be trusted and relied upon when needed.  Responding to large scale disasters such as 9/11, Katrina, and similar; the legacy of our founders flows through our members and silently guides their every move. We are prepared to ensure that our responders have only the best training and equipment so that when the call for help comes in; they stand at the ready. 




The cost of training is more than just time in the classroom.  For many, it means lost time at work and travel expenses that they will need to cover. Many courses are very expensive to even put on and are very hard to find.  

Some of the agencies we've worked with to make some of these hard to find courses available at little to no cost to attendees include:


The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

The Department of Homeland Security

The National SAR School (USCG and US Air Force)

Our active goals are to actively seek and promote the development of new resources for Search and Rescue and ensure that any agency involved in Search and Rescue can have access to trained personnel or other outside resources to support for their incident.

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