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ABOUT Raven Response Group

Raven Response Group was established as a Private Volunteer Search and Rescue Organization and serves in partnership with the Compass Foundation; a 501 (c)3 serving as a resource for law enforcement and emergency services. Specializing in K9 Search and Rescue and Recovery, communications, and search management. We deploy for missing/lost persons and disasters at the request of Law Enforcement, Fire/Emergency Management, and/or FEMA.  


meet the Leadership team

Brett Shayler

Brett started his volunteer career in Search and Rescue over 20 years ago and has served with a K9 partner for most of those years.  He has run both live find and Human Remains K9s and is currently serving with K9 Alex who is a dual purpose K9 for Area Search and Trailing.  Brett has an extensive background in Ground Search and Rescue, Search Management, Mounted Search and Rescue, K9 Search and Rescue, Urban Search and Rescue, Dive Rescue, and Emergency Management.  

Karen Shayler

Karen started in Search and Rescue almost 10 years ago.  She currently serves with K9 Gus and K9 Liberty.  Both are Trailing K9's.

Karen has extensive training and experience in Ground Search and Rescue, K9 Search and Rescue, Mounted Search and Rescue, Urban Search and Rescue, Search Management, and Emergency Management.  

David Clay

David along with Brett helped to start Raven Response Group.  He has served with us almost since the beginning.  David started his service with K9 Scooter who was a Human Remains Detection K9.  When Scooter retired, David continued to assist with K9 training and has been a fixed part of the team for many years.  His expertise and knowledge make him a great teacher and member. He has extensive knowlege and training in Ground Search and Rescue, K9 Search and Rescue, Search Management, and Emergency Management.

David Sidle

Currently serving us in Montana, David has been a team lead and liaison for 7 years.  He serves with K9 Bailee in Area Search and Human Remains Detection. David has extensive experience in Ground Search, Search Management, K9 Search and Rescue, Fire and Emergency Management. David has extensive volunteer experience with Civil Air Patrol and serveral other Search and Rescue teams.


  • Ground Search and Rescue

  • K9 Search and Rescue 

  • Mounted Search And Rescue

  • Search Management

  • Communications

  • Lost Person Behavior

  • Public Safety Diver​

You have not lived until you have done Something for someone who can never repay you

-john Bunyan

Join The Team

Want to join? We welcome anyone who is interested in joining our team to reach out to us at the non-emergency number below or find us on Facebook.  All our training is done utilizing current Search and Rescue Standards.  Our training standards meet and/or exceed current industry standards.

All required training must be completed before member is permitted to deploy for any position.  Team members are required to attend and participate in at least 50% of unit meetings and training and submit proof of any extra training to their unit leadership or to main office if training outside of a unit every year.  

Not sure you want to join, but want to get involved to see what its about, contact us at the non-emergency number below and see about attending one of our regular training sessions.  We are always looking for folks to "get lost". Come out and participate or just ask questions and see what we're all about.

Currently seeking for North Texas

K9 Handlers (Area, Trailing, and HRD) 

Mounted Search And Rescue 

Public Safety Divers

All applications for membership shall be considered based on qualifications and or experience alone. No special considerations shall be given for race, sex, or age; though you must be 18 years of age to join.  For anyone wanting to join with no experience in Search And Rescue; you will be required to complete team training within 2 years and will not be permitted to deploy on missions until training is complete and you have received your final sign off. All positions are Volunteer positions with no compensation; monetary or otherwise. The team is supported by donations to the Compass Foundation (a 501(c)3) but relies on volunteer hours from members. 

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